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Social media as a platform for advertising and reaching out is huge and stands out due to its sheer numbers of active users. And as a social media advertising agency we understand this. But we also know the most important factor that an ad can easily lose its way among these very useful number of users if not targeted and presented properly.

So, we keep our focus on what is to be achieved from an ad, who could be its best target audience, and how should it be delivered.

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Why choose PPC social?

Social media advertising is a form of pay-per-click advertising and also called social PPC or paid social. It works quite differently than other PPC forms, and different even from social media marketing. The sheer number of users on social media makes it a popular choice for PPC. But this is not the big thing. It is the targeting. It does not limit on the number of people we can reach which is because of the way of targeting. What is more interesting is that we can target more accurate and specific type of audience narrow with the options available and if needed keep it very broad to reach many more.

Plus, as this platform is much more engaging and dynamic, the advertisements here can be much more engaging, comprehensive and more educating for a business, telling us many things about their products/services and your audiences. And not to mention, that you get clicks, traffic, promotion, awareness, leads and sales too.

When doing digital marketing for your business and going for an effective, result oriented and far reaching marketing mix, paid social cannot be ignored. This advertisement channel can provide many advantages whether it is brand promotion or awareness, leads generation or enhance business reach. It is a critical part for any content marketing strategy and is used for retargeting of website visitors or email subscribers.

How we create and deliver Social Media Advertising Services

We when we design social media campaigns, we factor in all these things to make it a comprehensive yet effective and rewarding ad experience for you from social media.

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Strategy driven Social media advertising

It is not too complex to create and ad on social media but it is a totally different thing to derive results from it. You need a strategy when you want to advertise on social media. We help you create these strategies so that we know what we want from our advertisements, what best we can get, and what is the best way to achieve it.

With a strategic approach we are able to find out and know what we are looking for and what we want from our advertisements on social media. We have deeper and clearer understanding of our goals.

Connect your business with right audience

Audience targeting is one of the key factors in socials ads. And our audience will depend upon your business, its products and services, the type of ad and its objective and other factors. We create your ad campaigns with the prime objective to connect you with the right audience. With our social media advertising services we help you connect with a large number of audience for marketing or selling of your products, services. We target your audience as accurately as possible yet keep it as wide as possible.

Hence, what we follow in terms of targeting is to find audience which are closer to our profiling and secondly to reach as many of those as possible. This way, we can improve ads performance and aim for better results.

Know more about how we do advertising, our process and steps, and look at our best and affordable social media advertising packages to help you create better social ad campaigns