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Why choose our social advertising services?

We will create social advertising campaigns for you and more important than this is that first we will do our research, discussion with, get important information from you to design and devise the right strategy for your social campaign. A strategy based campaign to get you closer to the right audience, so that you get appropriate and better response. This improves our prospects of generating leads and also knowing about our audience and how they see your products or services.

We think, you should also think long term and so every social ad should also be a platform for better and clearer insights into your audience.

We do a little more than what we said above, as it is not sufficient enough to run a rewarding campaign. We give you complete social media advertising management solution. This means we give you more than strategic social media advertising, ad campaigns than connect you to the right audience. We create and manage your social campaigns from the very start to the very last.

Here is what we do for you.

Features that define our services

hire ppc social agency

The All Important ground work

Establish & Refine Ad Objectives

Build factors to strengthen product image and trust in it

Find the right audience

Creating the Creative and ad copy

Create or Optimize landing page

Optimize Ad Budget and duration (timings)

Track ad performance

Optimize for better results (if needed)

Report ad performance


The cost towards Social PPC advertisement comprises of two parts: One, actual advertising cost, and Second, service provider's fees for account creation; advertisement copy designing; designing/use of creative like images, graphics, etc.; landing page designing and/or optimization; and campaign management.

Costs of creation or optimization of a landing page and creative for display network will be additional and as per the requirement.

Currently we have kept our pricing more affordable for both small and large PPC client budgets, by making it more flexible then fixed. Do get in touch with us with your planned budget and get consultation and best fee estimate for your social media PPC advertising.

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