SEO Search Engine Optimization

We offer complete researched based SEO services. In case you are thinking What is SEO then let us answer that first. SEO or search engine optimization in simple terms is set of technologies to improve ranking and authority of a website. By doing this, we make your website appear higher on search engine results page, also called SERP, to bring you more organic traffic or visitors. The major platforms or search engines are Google, Bing or Yahoo.

SEO involves On-Page and Off-Page optimization. Both of these techniques are different from each other, with On-Page being about optimization of your website structure & Content (or keywords) while Off-Page is basically linkbuilding (for many), but we call it Marketing & Networking of your website.

Giving you more SEO benefits than just top SERP Keyword Ranking

Now, why we base our services on research? For us research starts from the very first step, deciding a URL for a website. It goes on along with website structure, content and image selection and placement, choosing the right Keywords. Research further goes on through the Off-Page SEO when we build links for you, write blogs or do content marketing.

The other thing we do is follow a thorough result based flexible and scalable approach. We have designed our SEO Packages with this approach and mindset. We follow structured and methodical approach and some of the best SEO practices. We stress on Value driven services.

We choose keywords that bring maximum value & returns in more ways and not just give you a higher SERP ranking. We write content that not only speaks best about your business or products/services but also help in ranking of the selected keywords.

With our approach we give you maximum value or benefits from SEO, like:

  • More keywords generated,
  • Better Optimized keywords,
  • Better SERP rankings,
  • Highly structured content that is also unique, expressive and marketing oriented
  • Content to boost not only keywords’ ranking but also your domain authority