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PurpalDzinz is one of the best SEO agencies in Dwarka Delhi, as we aim to give you maximum benefits from search engines through our search engine optimization services. We give you more keyword rankings, best from your every ranked keywords, and bring more inbound and relevant traffic to your website to increase your lead generation prospects. We give you search engine solutions that actually help you in business growth. This is because we base our search engine optimization services on Transparency and Optimisation. And this is why we give you

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We provide the best of search engine optimization, and give you completely organic SEO services. We follow our own unique approach towards search engine optimization where we look at how best to optimize and make use of available channels and platforms so that we get better results for a website in terms of reach and traffic from search engines. We use various optimization techniques and methods to achieve those objectives. Therefore all our SEO activities become more exhaustive, accurate and elaborate.

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End-to-End search optimization: Starting from preliminary research and keyword research to website & content optimization and making your web pages ready for search engine queries, source and build relevant and high authority links to increase your website's authority and making sure your site generates meaningful and relevant traffic for you.

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Our aim is to connect businesses with the right audience, help them generate leads, and enable them to create market leading position. When you want to outsource SEO services and hire a specialist SEO agency for the same, you should know how they do it.

Pre-SEO analysis

Keyword Research

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Tracking & Analysis

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How we do SEO

1) SEO Framework & Planning

You cannot truly succeed in any part of SEO and not at all in the whole SEO process unless pre-SEO analysis is done, at least to some extent. Because you need to know where you want to go (your objective), which way you have to go (your direction). It has to be in-depth, thorough and complete.

This is the stage where we do a preliminary research on your company & business, your website, search optimization aspect of your industry, your competitors on search engine market. We do an extensive SEO audit of your website. With the help of your website audit for SEO purpose we are able to know where we stand now and how far we need to go. And thus, based upon the SEO site checkup (audit) and preliminary research, we plan your SEO and your website growth framework at this stage.

(3) On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is a very comprehensive and exhaustive process going much beyond just tweaking meta tags & titles for the objective of selective keyword rankings. It is the building step of your SEO and a very rewarding process. On-page optimization is actually the best use of keywords across the website pages to gain maximum search benefits from those keywords and related queries.

The implementation part of keyword research we do here includes categorizing and selecting keywords, mapping those with pages, their validation, ranking timeframe assessment, and a page wise portfolio.

Keywords targeting (optimization) is an essential part, no doubt, but we try to go beyond it to achieve better results. We do keywords optimization rather than keywords targeting. Keywords need to be properly optimized rather than just targeted to gain better results from it and improve its ranking. It is a very comprehensive and exhaustive process. It is the building step of your SEO and also a very rewarding process.

We optimize web pages with right content so that each page can correctly capture the right essence & meaning of keywords and present it in a better way to a searcher visiting your website. This is the key to better optimized pages that target improved conversion.

(5) Off-Page Optimization

Off-page SEO, also called off-site SEO, is a set of activities and techniques that are done outside of your website to increase and enhance its reach, presence and popularity of your website or domain, and also to increase its strength and authority. Off page (Off site) is often considered as equal to linkbuilding with the two terms often considered the same. However, link building is a part of off-page SEO but not its synonym.

There are various off-page activities which not always involve building incoming links to your website. The right way of looking at and doing off-page SEO is creating presence on platforms from where we can generate relevant inbound traffic for our website. And this can be done via link building too. In that way it often also includes social media platforms and other mediums and channels. It is actually a kind of marketing and reaching out and connecting with right audience through various techniques, channels & platforms.

Our objective across off-page is to go beyond just building links and be as comprehensive as possible. We do proper optimized off-page SEO to rightly enhance your site's presence on the internet and in the way market your business. We aim to ensure that your website connects with other websites which are right and relevant, and create and maintain right connections & proper profile.

Even a mention of your business or domain name at the right place without any backlink can be tracked by search engines and can improve your site authority and rankings. It is important to see that we are consistent in placing key facts about the website and business across various platforms while keeping healthy, diverse and rich off-page content profile.

(7) Tracking & Analysis

You now know what you want to achieve with search engine optimization. We have created keyword portfolio, done the on-page optimization and also started linkbuilding activities for your website to gain strength and authority so that it ranks for more keywords and key phrases. We have also created and are using the strategies too. But we also need to know that we are on the right path and how much we have achieved?

That is why tracking and analysis becomes important. And much more important is that we are tracking and analyzing the right metrics. And right reporting mechanism also has to be there, so that you also know about every progress you are making. And it is not just about tracking of keywords ranking. There is much more to track to ensure we achieve our results like site speed, GWT errors, spam tracking, page indexed, broken links, etc. All these and more ensure website's overall health and help in build its strength.

So, we have developed one of the widest and robust analyzing, tracking and reporting system to keep track of as much as we can.

(2) Keyword Research

We do keyword research in two main phases or parts. Although this research is an ongoing process and so will be done on continuous bases, in smaller volume and based on need. However, the preliminary and broader research is done in planning stage and it serves as our base for further keyword research analysis and suggestion. This will create a broader framework of keywords which can be targeted and optimized for your website. This preliminary research, which plays important part in SEO planning, is also need based and depends upon overall search optimization goals, website and other factors. Usually, larger the website and more number of pages to be optimized more extensive will this research be.

The second part of keyword research is done while optimization. This is where we will categorize and select keywords for optimization. This is discussed in detail in the On-Page optimization section below.

(4) Technical SEO

Technical SEO optimization is another critical component of SEO which is very important to make sure that we do not lose on our search engine optimization efforts. This is one area which often times gets ignored and that could destroy all the SEO gains that are made. This is a separate process but is also seen as part of on-page optimization. It is about removing all technical errors related to your website so that your site is always up, running and easily viewable.

Imagine that you have rightly targeted all the keywords and achieved top rankings too. But you are still not getting enough traffic or leads from those keywords. In that case technical errors could be a part of the reasons behind it.

We put it in simply terms for you. While lack of technical SEO on your website can harm your website; on the other hand making a site technically correct (even as much possible) can improve website's overall strength, authority and rankings, and you can even beat your competition.

So, yes technical optimization greatly helps in your overall ranking. It builds website authority and strength, enhances its reach and also helps in conversion. So, before going too ahead with off-page we make sure that your website is free from all or most of the technical issues present at that time. It is also an ongoing process as errors can come up. So, we make sure to track these errors and rectify as soon as they arise.

(6) Link Building

Link building is placing of links in various forms on other websites which link back to your website. It means mention of your website with a link back. Being one of the off-page activities it also should aim at placing links at platforms which are relevant and give us opportunity to generate relevant traffic. It is not just random placing of links, but yes there are some standard segments of websites where links are being placed. It is an ongoing and extensive process involving consistent research, analytics and tracking.

We do linkbuilding with the right approach to gain quality and relevant backlinks and create right presence. What we do is search and create a list of relevant sites along with other more commonly used linking platforms or sites.

We have developed our own ways and techniques to find relevant and growth oriented linking opportunities as well as for general off-page and content opportunities.

What we have to see that each link which is build adds to the portfolio. And when it starts growing then it has to be tracked too to keep it as healthy as possible. This we do in our tracking and analysis services segment which you can read below. The link portfolio needs to be as healthy as possible and so we need to constantly check for irrelevant and inappropriate links.

Scope of link building services is much more than building links. And even the basic link building practices of business listing, profile creation, and even classifieds submissions can be optimized in better ways to present and market your business and bring some traffic, apart from building basic links.

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