BEST SEO Packages for your website

SEO plans for EVERYONE, giving MORE of everything in SEO.

We have designed best SEO Packages which deliver our SEO services in the best possible way. Our packages are one of the best in India as every plan is packed with features driving value and are designed to suit everyone. Through our services & packages we give you stronger website with higher authority with higher keyword ranking capacity. We also take care of complete SEO process so that your website truly markets your business to the right audience.

What our packages truly reflect is our efforts to give you more from search engine benefits due to our core optimization focus and deliver growth for every business and every website.

best seo packages for every website

SEO Packages benefits & features

Best Reporting

Best for Every Need

Best of SEO Features

Growth Oriented

best seo packages for every website

Most Elaborate

More of Optimization

More Top Rankings

More in Every Plan

Our Best SEO Packages advantages

Our approach to SEO and specifically towards designing SEO packages is to aim website pages rather than individual keywords. We aim to optimize the pages fully and properly so as to rank better and more keywords for your website. This way we can provide more value and traffic to your website through web pages optimization and keywords ranking. Due to this focus we can say that we give you the best SEO packages.

We have SEO plans to suit everyone across India. We created these plans keeping only one thing in mind and that is to give you growth whichever plan you take. Each of our plans has features that perfectly serve companies at various stages and types.

With our content writing and optimization method & style we optimize web pages for wider set of keywords, and so your website is always more likely to rank for more keywords than mentioned in the package. As we ultimately aim to strengthen website authority we usually build links to other optimized pages to strengthen your website's SEO & Rankings.

We provide wholesome growth to your website, beyond top page rankings.

Best to

SEO Start Plan

Starting INR 11,799/mo

Keywords Optimized: upto 20

Keywords Ranked: +10

Key Plan Features

  • 2 optimized pages
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Content Duplicacy Correction
  • Address Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Google My Business (GMB) & Google Map Embedding
  • Full Google submission & compatibility
  • Code & Tags optimization
  • Keyword Rank Track


Best to

SEO Build Plan

INR 33,399/mo

Keywords Optimized: +60

Keywords Ranked: +40

Key Plan Features

Everything in Start plan PLUS:

  • 6 fully optimized pages
  • Google & Bing traffic Optimization
  • URL Optimisation
  • Content Optimization
  • Social sharing page optimization
  • Social Media Accounts
  • 2 Full Blogs
  • Keyword Rank & Traffic Growth Track
  • Traffic by Keywords Tracking
Best to

SEO Grow Plan

INR 81,999/mo

Keywords Optimized: +150

Keywords Ranked: +100

Key Plan Features

Everything in Build plan PLUS:

  • 12 fully optimized pages
  • Site Structure & Design Improvement
  • Full Page Optimization
  • Full Schema & Social sharing optimization
  • Social Media locally optimized pages/sites
  • Social Media Curation/Sharing
  • 4 Full Blogs & blog pages SEO
  • Link Profiling
  • Spam tracking & penalty checks
Best to

SEO Excel Plan


Optimize & Rank as many Keywords

Reach FULL Ranking Potential

Key Plan Features

Completely customized features:

  • Unlimited pages optimized
  • Unlimited keywords optimized & ranked
  • Complete Site optimization and improvement
  • Complete search engine compatibility
  • Well Researched Blogs & Articles
  • Scaled up content marketing
  • Full social optimization and social content
  • Detailed reporting with full insights

SEO monthly plans to make you gain most from inbound traffic

Bring more traffic to your website & get better conversion

SEO Package Features Comparison





Pack Details
Price (INR per month) 11,799 33,399 81,999 Customized
Keywords Optimization
[Our content writing method & style makes it possible for us to optimize web pages for more keywords]
upto 20 +60 +150 Customized
Keywords Ranking
[We optimize pages for wider set of keywords, your website is always more likely to rank for more keywords than mentioned in the package]
+10 +40 +100 Customized
Pages Targeted & Optimized 1 3 8 Customized
Additional Pages Optimized
[Apart from targeted pages, we also build links to other optimized pages to strengthen your website's SEO & Rankings]
1 3 4 ALL
Initial Review
Mobile Compatibility
Pages Size & Loading Speed Checks
Page Indexing
Page Caching
Content Duplicacy
Canonicalization Need
301/302 Check
Broken Links
URL Optimisation
Site Architecture
Penalty Checks
Tracking & Analysis Set Up
Google Analytics & Webmaster
Google Sitemap Creation & Submission
Robots File Submissions
Bing Site Submission & Webmaster
Bing Sitemap Creation & Submission
Website HTML Sitemap Creation
Google Geo Targeting
Canonicalization Set-Up
Website Basic Optimisation
Content Duplicacy Issue Correction
Page Loading Speed Size Optimisation
404 Not Found Page Creation & Set-Up
301 Redirect Set-Up (If Needed)
URL Optimisation
On-Page SEO
HTML & CSS Code Clean Up & Optimisation
Page Title & Meta Tags Optimisation
H1 to H6 Tags Optimisation
Other Keyword Placements
Image Optimisation
Keyword Research
Keyword Mapping & Categorization
Content Optimization
Internal Linking Optimization
Other Media Optimisation & Suggestions
Local SEO - On-Page Optimizations
Images & other Media Local Optimization
Address Optimization
Address Uniformity
Google Map Embedding
Advanced Site Enhancements (UX focused)
Mobile Compatibility
Content Re-Writing & Re-Purposing
Structure, Architecture & Flow (SAF) Enhancement
Site Design Improvement
User Experience Enhancement Analysis & Actions
Rich Data & Schema Optimization
Address Schema
Logo Schema
Image Schema
Additional Title Schema
Breadcrumbs Schema
Reviews & Ratings Schema
Blog Schema
Open Graph (OG) Title Tags & Meta Description
Local SEO - Off-Page Optimizations
Local Directories
Google My Business (GMB), Maps
GMB Enhancement
Bing Places
Local Classifieds
Yellow Pages
Facebook Places
Other Social Media Localised Pages
Off-Page Activities
National/International Directories
Product/Services Listing
Social Media Account Setups
Social Media Curation/Sharing
Web 2.0 Creation
Profile Creations On Sites
Social Bookmarking
Blog Backlinks
Press Releases
Competitors' Analysis
Tiered Link Building
Content Marketing & Distribution
Blog Writing 2 4 Customized
Blog Page SEO
Blog Page Optimization
Blog Page Link Building
Linkbuilding by Images Submissions
Linkbuilding by Video Submissions
PDF/PPT Creation & Submissions
Linkbuilding via Q&A
Community Sites Profiling & Participation
Article Writing & Submissions 3-6 10-15 Customized
SEO Tracking, Analytics & Reporting
Monthly Reporting
GWT Error Rectifications
Site Speed Report
Keyword Rank Track
Overall Traffic Growth Track
Traffic by Pages Growth Track
Traffic by Keywords Growth Track
Overall Link Profiling
Do-Follow & No-Follow Links Reporting
Spam Tracking & Rectification Actions
Penalty Possibility Check
Page Indexing Report
Page Caching Report
Mobile Compatibility
Broken Links

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