Ranking & Traffic SEO expert consultants for your business growth in Delhi (Dwarka) India

Who we are as SEO Consultants

We are experts and the best SEO Consultant based in Dwarka Delhi India.

As expert SEO consultants we can build a dominant search engine presence to help your business reach many people interested to buy your products & services.

And we bring expertise & experience in doing that.

We are experts in bringing benefits and results in terms of SEO rankings and traffic with our consultancy services for different businesses.

We believe that SEO is the go to digital marketing channel and the best marketing technique if you want consistent growth for business with growing rankings and traffic to your website.

Why we say this?

Because SEO, as a digital marketing technique or channel, can bring you wonderful results. And these results alone can boost your business growth.

In fact this digital marketing channel can be enough to give you what you need as an ecommerce business, startup, small business and local business.

What the above businesses need first & need the most is to reach people who can be their prospective customers. Search engines are best for this when we find, target and rank for the right keywords. This brings you traffic or audience which are your prospective customers.

And when you can get that in large volumes then nothing better than that.

I have ranked more than THOUSAND keywords by now and have generated organic traffic from search engines which runs into good 6 figures.

But these results came after I stopped working for clients for a long time.

This is my journey to ranking & traffic expertise

I realised few things very early in my SEO journey even after making keywords of one of my client rank on the first page. This made me to stop all what I was doing & go back to drawing board, focus and restart.

Me as a service provider & the client were both focused on getting their keywords rank on top, which I did. But, neither of us seemed to be happy with that, they stopped taking my services.

Somehow ranking on the first page was not that satisfying for me. And may be it did not make my client much happier too.

I kept approaching other clients but was devastated seeing approach & mindset of clients. Everyone wanted to negotiate to as low a price as they can.

Yes, I was new and did not have results to prove. But there was something else too.

The most shocking thing was that few clients were even happy to target less keywords as long as they were getting a CHEAP SEO service.

One client, a well off company, wanted to hire me. Their only condition: make the offer (pricing) attractive.

The problem was. They seem to look at SEO as a tool to rank their website for few keywords.

And when this is not the case then businesses expect wonders that they will get so many leads and they will start ranking quickly.

What they want to just see and say that “We rank top on Google”. | AND | Want to Rank VERY QUICK.

Businesses do not look at SEO as marketing, which they should. Because it is a long term but very effective marketing that keeps bringing your prospective customers to you month after month, and it grows only.

PurpalDzinz SEO Consultants and their expertise: Our expertise & why hire us

How we do SEO as consultants

You cannot really do SEO without using digital marketing channels. So we are digital marketing consultants and so we are an even better SEO consultant.

Using social media, quality content makes our SEO much more effective, helps us bring better results. So with SEO we give you more traffic, and traffic from search engines and other sources.

My name is Kshitij Thakur, the chief SEO consultant & founder of PurpalDzinz Agency. And we offer complete digital marketing consulting and services. This was something I realised very early in my SEO journey even after making keywords of one of my client rank on the first page.

Neither of us seemed to be happy with that, we stopped soon. I kept approaching other clients but was devastated seeing approach & mindset of clients. Everyone wanted to negotiate to as low a price as they can.

The most shocking thing was that they were happy to target less keywords as long as they were getting a CHEAP SEO service.

Businesses do not look at SEO as marketing but as ranking. And they would be happy to just get & see ranking.

How to really do SEO?

SEO is optimizing your website to build a strong presence (and dominance) on search engines.

It is not just rankings and doesn’t end at first page ranking of certain number of keywords.

If you give SEO the quality, time & efforts it needs and have some patience then you can build good flow of organic traffic. This traffic will only increase if you continue your efforts.

You know what search engines give you?

The only source to target people who clearly tell you what they want and are more ready to take actions which include buying a product.

You do not get that on social media.

And this is why people spend so much on search PPC or adwords or Google Ads.

Search for any commercial or product or service keywords and what you see is 3-5 paid ads on top and another 1-3 ads on bottom.

This is the benefit of targeting search engines.

While you pay for every click in PPC and you also pay for expertise. You get that traffic for free with SEO. You just pay for the expert services.

You can build a constant flow or funnel of search traffic to your website. And then you can make it grow every month and every year.

But this is what businesses either do not know or do not want.

Every business has a market within search engines. A wholesome approach to cover this MARKET is what brings the best SEO benefits.

You do not get this by targeting 5, 10 or 20 keywords.

You need the right goal and approach for that. With that even if you still target a certain number of keywords you aim to cover those properly and take those keywords to build traffic and build search dominance.

You do not aim to get these ranked and then move on.

What it means to rank keywords in search

Ranking a keyword properly means much more than being able to see it among the first 9 or 10 results on the first page of Google search.

Ranking a keyword first should mean to aim to connect with the audience that is searching for it. Ranking on search engines is the way we market a business or its individual products or services to that audience.

We rank keywords to bring some of that traffic or audience to our website.

Ranking top is not the goal but a means to achieve a greater goal which is relevant traffic to your website.

We aim to bring you relevant search traffic by ranking right keywords. This is what we do for your business website as expert SEO consultants in India.

The best reason for hiring SEO consultants is that there is a ready demand which you can reach, target and bring to your website with the right use of strategies and techniques.

You may be located in Dwarka Delhi, where we are or based anywhere in India. SEO is the best way to reach your local and city level customers, and also to scale up to reach national or India level customers and even go international.

And the best part of SEO is, that it is very much cost effective whether it is local, national or international. And even scaling up is cost friendly compared to other channels and brings tons of traffic, BIG results and for a very long term.

This is why we as SEO expert consultant recommend search engine optimization services to every business and website wanting to start or escalate their website marketing and growth. By using search engine optimization every business can create a regular flow of incoming search traffic to their website. This traffic allows a business to target and reach their prospective customers and generate leads on a consistent basis with proper optimization. Isn't this what every business wants, growth?

What you need for growth?

We know that we need to do marketing to make our businesses grow.

  • Market our business
  • Generate leads
  • Grow our business

So, that is the 3 step process we need to follow and this is what marketing does, right? Not entirely. What we need the most is reach the right target audience. This is exactly what we give you with SEO consultancy. A website can generate leads only from the right traffic which comes only from right keywords, correct optimization and targeting. And this you get only when you rank on top.

Know the need & benefits of SEO

What it means to be on Top on search engines pages

As we mentioned search engines are the platform where people search for what they need and what are looking for. This is demand. Now what they get is a list of websites in search results that provide what searchers are looking for. This is the supply side. This is a list of thousands of websites which are sorted only and only by their level of search optimization. But only the top 10, 20 or 30 websites get the relevant traffic. In fact more than 90% of the clicks for any keyword go only to the top 10 search results. This is why you need SEO. So when you rank on top pages you get relevant traffic and you get possibility of generating leads too.

Benefits of ranking on top with SEO consultancy

  • Increased website visibility
  • Increased presence among the customers
  • Relevant traffic from search engines
  • Reaching targeted audience
  • Bring buying ready people on their websites
  • Leads and conversions
  • Market leading positions
  • Brand building and brand recall
  • Long term and consistent growth and marketing for your business

Do you want to be found on Top Pages of search engines!?

We provide the right SEO Expert consultancy in Delhi (Dwarka)

To rank you on top with SEO across India

SEO expertise has moved way beyond link building and the old concept of keyword optimization. It has now become user specific and is centered around providing better user experiences. The key tasks of a SEO specialist now is to understand & use right keywords, create user friendly design & layout; write content that truly helps the users; create ways of bringing traffic to a website; to use of social media to increase visibility, and much more.

A good SEO consultant needs expertise beyond search rankings and that is what we provide. We take full responsibility and control of all your search engine ranking needs and deliver complete solution. We establish identity & improve authority of business on search engines to get better search ROI. We design relevant and appropriate SEO solutions to increase visibility and ranking capacity of your website.

As SEO experts we help you fulfill that demand. With right expertise, experience and strategies we make websites reach their potential growth and even go beyond it. This is what we specialize in and we make you achieve all that with proper guidance and direction.

When & why you need SEO consulting services in India

Reasons why you need our expert consulting in Dwarka, Delhi for SEO services

  • When you start a business or its marketing
  • When you are not getting results or leads
  • For a hassle-free worriless long term and consistent flow of leads
  • To know how to market your business through your website
  • Planning to build your website
  • To start SEO
  • To scale up your SEO
  • Not getting enough or desired results

Growth scope with SEO (in numbers) - Search Engines are a huge market

  • There are over 40,000 searches on Google PER SECOND
  • Every product or services has demand in terms of keywords and search queries
  • With growing website authority a website starts ranking for more and more keywords, bringing more inbound traffic and lead prospects
  • Around 80%-90% of B2B purchases start with organic search
  • The top 10 results or the first page of search engine gets more than 90% of all click for every keyword

Get in touch with us to get organic traffic to your website our. We are just a mail away. seoconsult@purpaldzinz.net

Let us ask you again

Do you want to be found on (Top Pages of) search engines!?

SEO Consultancy services to get you just that

And help you make an informed growth marketing decision

We use SEO Techniques to increase traffic for different types of websites & its web pages

By following right SEO practices of optimization and link building (also referred to white hat SEO) and right strategies a consultant agency builds and improves your website's authority and its ranking capacity. This is what we do for you. With this your site ranks for many more keywords thus brings more traffic and customers from search engines. That means you get regular, steady and growing number of lead prospects from search engines. All this also makes website seo marketing a long term, very cost effective, scalable and effective marketing strategy.

Corporate or Business SEO

 - Attract and build search traffic across the sales funnel that includes people looking for products or services and also those who are yet undecided about buying and are looking for information to assist them in that.

Website SEO

 - Bring appropriate and relevant traffic to different website pages to increase business visibility and identity, introduce, market and promote business and all its products

Product or Services SEO

 - Attract and increase traffic who have a need and are searching for that type of products and services or information related to those

E-Commerce SEO

 - To target and attract searchers who are online buyers and are looking to buy or get information related to best available online products

Blog SEO

 - Target, attract and build information seekers, which means those people who are looking for helpful and useful information on the internet and bring them to your blogs. Also help in adding subscribers.

Get in touch with us to get organic traffic to your website our. We are just a mail away. seoconsult@purpaldzinz.net