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We provide you one of the best Adwords PPC advertisement management as we create end-to-end solutions for your business. We give you fully customized PPC solution as we look at your advertising needs and your objectives. The needs and objectives define our analysis framework and give direction to everything we do to create better and effective search advertisement campaigns.

We aim to best utilize the adwords platform from Google that puts your ads in front of about 90% of the searchers and online visitors. We put efforts and research to make your paid search campaign aim and deliver better. We look into many factors like, what should be the focus, what your ad should say, whom it should target for best results, how it delivers, its optimization and tracking.

Get the best Returns from Adwords, whatever your budget

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How you can advertise with Adwords PPC

Be visible to +90% of viewers

Search Network

Search network uses the search engine pages to display text based advertisements for your business.

Display Network

Display network uses other websites to display more visual ads containing images and even videos.

Why choose PPC-Adwords?

Adwords is the PPC or CPC model based advertisement platform from Google. It is a paid search method. PPC uses extensive keywords research just like search engine optimization. And similar to the SEO services for websites, PPC also places your website or web page on the first page of the Google search engine. However, as SEO is considered by the industry to bring free organic traffic, pay-per-click services brings paid traffic as it is a paid search advertisements. PPC method is used to instantly bring search traffic to your page via search clicks.

Adwords has now become a synonym for PPC or pay-per-click advertisements and is being widely used by companies. The other terms used for PPC-adwords (or simply referred as PPC by many) is paid search engine listings or Paid Search Advertising (PSA). Why adwords-PPC is commonly referred to as PPC is due to the dominance of Google as the leading search network and majority of client companies, advertisers and PPC agencies or services provider using it and referring to it as PPC.

This is because Google dominates the search industry and according to several sources it enjoys a market share of somewhere around 80-90% of the market. So, when you consider advertising on the search network, the obvious choice is that network which puts you in front of 80-90% of the searchers globally.

What we do as a (adwords) PPC agency

Our Best services

  • Exhaustive Keyword Research
  • Keyword Profiling & Selection
  • PPC Keywords Optimization & refinement
  • Funnel Optimization
  • Intent Matching
  • Ad copywriting
  • Ad Creative
  • Landing Page creation
  • Ad Analysis, Tracking, Reporting & Optimization
  • CTA optimization

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