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We, as a PPC agency, are focused more on optimization (throughout the process) to make your paid search strategies that more effective and so that your ads deliver more. Optimization is the core and is one of the important factors considered by search engines for ad placement (may be the most important factor).

And not only for the search engines, we optimize your ads at every stage, right from keywords research & selection to creation, delivery and tracking. When every view of your ad is important then we need to be clear and thorough in our goals, targeting and delivery strategy. We optimize the complete advertisement funnel.

More Optimized campaigns for better results and returns

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How We Do it

Keyword selection

Running a paid advertisement campaign for the right keywords is the most important factor. We do a thorough research to select the keywords or queries. These keywords also have to match the ad copy as closely as possible to deliver optimized results.

Traffic and conversion balance

We create the best set of keywords for your campaigns so that we can maintain relevancy, traffic and also bring leads with the ads. We need to optimize the quantity as well as the quality of traffic and the keywords which bring that traffic.

Ad optimization is budget optimization

Once an ad starts running a periodic and constant check has to be conducted to maintain and improve results. To ensure better conversion of leads generated from the ads it is important that we constantly analyse clicks or leads that we are getting from our keywords.


The cost towards Adwords PPC advertisement comprises of two parts: One, actual advertising cost, and Second, service provider's fees for adwords account creation & setup; advertisement copy designing; designing/use of creative like images, graphics, etc.; landing page designing and/or optimization; and full adword campaign management.

Costs of creation or optimization of a landing page and creative for social media ad copy will be additional and as per the requirement.

Currently we have kept our pricing more affordable for both small and large PPC client budgets, by making it more flexible then fixed. Do get in touch with us with your planned budget and get consultation and best fee estimate for your PPC advertising.

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